Jerry - Stand Man LLC

My path to becoming The Stand Man™ and publishing first a catalog, then this web site, has been a wonderful adventure. Since I can remember, I have been interested in antiques and eventually began selling them. Over time I recognized that display items were not readily available at antique shows. In fact, displays were difficult to find anywhere. So I began selling a few plate stands, some easels and a wall hanger at shows. As the range and quantity of my stands expanded, my reputation grew, and I became “The Stand Man™.”

As an antiques dealer, I became experienced in the display and handling of beautiful and valuable objects. As a result I know how to display them securely and to their very best advantage. As The Stand Man™ I am able to share my experience and expertise with you. My goal is to provide stands that are right for your display requirements. If you have something unusual you wish to display, assume it is possible and please click here to contact The Stand Man™.

I take pride in offering this most comprehensive line of displays available for retail sale and being able to say, “Yes, we have something for that.” The stands and other display accessories we offer on this web site are all products we stock and endorse enthusiastically. We also have access to many other fine products and specialty items which we will gladly order to meet your needs.

I hope you enjoy this web site and all it contains.